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After a sabbatical of 15 years, Sridevi has returned to do a meaty role in ‘English Vinglish’ and post watching the film, I have just one word for the actress - FLAWLESS!

Amitabh, Madhuri wish Sridevi good luck for her comeback movie `English Vinglish` - the biggest premiere of the year43473.jpg
Gauri Shinde has donned the director’s hat to tell the story of Sashi (Sridevi), a middle-aged Maharashtrian housewife who earns her own money by making sumptuous ladoos (which happens to be her passion too) and selling them to the connoisseurs. A lot of women would identify with Sashi since she is one of those dedicated yet taken-for-granted homemakers who are ridiculed for their poor linguistic skills by their English speaking family. In the movie, Sashi finds herself being an object of constant potshots by her husband(Adil Hussain), who has little respect for her real talent and her 7th grade daughter who feels ashamed to even introduce her mother to her school folks.

So when an underestimated and belittled Sashi flies off to New York to lend a helping hand at her niece’s wedding, she smartly grabs the opportunity to enroll herself into English speaking classes that promise to teach the language within a period of flat four weeks. In no time, Sashi becomes the most committed student in her class, starts watching English films at night and doing her homework religiously- all to polish her English reading and writing skills and more importantly to earn respect that she duly deserves from her family. In the midst of her literary pursuit, she also finds her classmate cum friend – a Frenchman (an irresistible Mehdi Nebbou) getting attracted to her plain simple personality. Yet, despite several barriers that come her way, Sashi manages to achieve her goal (that includes ordering her meal at the café with super confidence) which could be an inspiration to many aspiring English learners.
Going beyond the ‘ordinary’ story of ‘English Vinglish’, it is a movie that teaches a lot of life lessons. First, it gives a peek into the feelings of those who are not good at reading and writing the language and find themselves becoming a subject of disdain and jibe whether at home or in public. Second, it is a crash course on mannerisms for all those ‘refined’ husbands and children out there who believe that the woman of the house is only worth taking nonsense; notwithstanding the fact that she goes out of her way to please them, without a complaint. Third, like I said before, the film is all about dedication towards one’s aims and a relentless pursuit towards your dream, come what may.

Sridevi as the de-glam Sashi looks completely stunning and gets very much into the skin of her character in the film. The way she emotes when she is looked down upon for her poor angrezi is worthy of a good round of applause. It is safe to say that after ‘Sadma’, Chaalbaaz’ and ‘Chandni’, she will always be remembered for her versatile act in ‘English Vinglish’. Clearly, this movie is one of her best works till date.

Moving on to film’s direction, kudos to Gauri Shinde for narrating a story which leaves such an impact on the viewers. Also, a special thanks to her (she has also written the story) for making a film on such a unique storyline which apparently has a close connection to the life of Shinde’s mother and perhaps, many other Indian women out there.English%20Vinglish--621x414.jpg
Amit Trivedi has given cool and foot tapping music to the film while designer Sabyasachi has done his job very well in dressing up Sridevi in colorful khadi sarees that suit her age and role.

Overall, ‘English Vinglish’ is a complete family entertainer and worth every penny! Yes, Sridevi is back!

Rating: 4 cheers to Sridevi, Gauri Shinde and the complete cast for their perfect job!

Is language a barrier to communicate our emotions? Wonder why people look down or take jibe at those who lack knowledge of English? Director Gauri Shinde has set out to find answers to these questions through 'English Vinglish'.

Sridevi is back to play the female protagonist, and Gauri Shinde treads the path taken by her husband Balki in films like 'Cheeni Kum' and 'Paa'. She has chosen to narrate things in a simple way without any melo-drama.

Watching the Tamil version doesn't rob you of the excitement, for the problems and agony of a Hindi-speaking or Tamil-speaking woman, who has no knowledge of English, are the same. The film speaks a universal language and an emotional chord strikes the audience.
Tamil Review: 'English Vinglish' is simple and an engaging film

Gauri Shinde has chosen to weave the script around the travails of a middle-aged housewife ridiculed by her husband and daughter for not knowing English. The interesting point is that the director has laced the film with some witty writing and honest moments.
Sridevi as Sashi is picture perfect for a middle-aged house wife. She is soft-spoken and lovable, kind and a lot less intimidating. But not being well versed in English puts her in a trauma. Sashi loves to do things she like. But fear of communicating in English makes her a subject of mockery by her husband and daughter too.

Forced to go to New york for assisting her sister for a family wedding, the 'real' journey begins for Sashi. There she resolves to master the language and knocks the doors of a an institute. She is exposed to various cultures there - Pakistani cab driver, a Mexican old woman, a French chef and a Tam-Brahm, also joining the institute with a similar mission. Keen to realise her dreams, she puts in all efforts. Did they bear the fruits and did Sashi manage to give an extempore in English and win the respect of her family members forms the rest.

Three cheers to Gauri Shinde as the script is simple but razor sharp. It has all ingredients to grab your attention all through. Sridevi, who was last seen some 15 years ago, is back at her vintage best. The anger, agony, frustration and joy are brought out well by her. Her little nuances and body language adds more depth to her characterisation.

Adil Hussain as Sridevi's husband plays with such consummate ease while Mehdi Nebbou, who dons the role of a French chef who is smitten by Sashi, deserves a special mention for his wonderful performance. Ajith makes a guest appearance as co-passenger with Sridevi in a flight and a couple of his dialogues brings the roof down with laughter.

Shinde has managed to bring in an air of innocence and guilt in 'English Vinglish'. Finally it boils down to where we began. Is language a barrier to communicate our emotions?

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